Club Resorto Reviews Morocco As Tourist Destination

Club Resorto Reviews Morocco As Tourist Destination

Morocco is a fascinating tourist destination with a rich mix of history, culture, natural beauty and experiences. Major attractions include the ancient cities of Marrakech, Fez and Chefchaouen, the Sahara Desert, the Atlas Mountains, the beaches, and Moroccan culture including customs, music and festivals influenced by Berber, Arabic and French styles. The Blue City of Chefchaouen is famous for its blue-collar buildings. Historic sites such as Volubilis and Ait Ben Haddau showcase the country’s rich history and craftsmanship. Visitors can explore markets filled with handmade textiles, leather goods, ceramics and exotic metals. Morocco also has a hot air balloon ride, a traditional Moroccan hammam and a desert music festival.

Club Resorto Reviews Places in Morocco

A country rich in history, culture and scenic beauty, visitors can discover different places in Morocco. Here are a few of the top attractions in Morocco.

The bustling Moroccan royal city of Marrakech is a major attraction. The medina, bustling souqs (markets), grand palaces such as the Bahia Palace, El Badi Palace and the recognizable Koutoubia Mosque all contribute to the charm of the city Jema el Fna, the main square, comes alive at night including street performers and food vendors.

 Fes: Fes, another old imperial city, is famous for its surviving medieval architecture and its impressive medina (Fes el-Bali). The area is also home to Al Quaraouiyin, considered the oldest organization in the world still operating.

Chefchauen: It is known as the “Blue City” because of its blue-painted buildings, which evoke a unique and beautiful atmosphere. It is a wonderful place to walk the winding streets and take in the peaceful atmosphere.

Sahara Desert – The vast and impressive Sahara Desert is a popular tourist attraction. Popular starting points for camel treks in search of spectacular sands and desert magic.

Atlas Mountains: The Atlas Mountains offer breathtaking beauty, hiking and trekking opportunities, and the chance to visit authentic Berber towns. The High Atlas is frequented by adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. 

Essaouira is a beach community known for its tranquil atmosphere, stunning blue and white buildings and white sandy beaches.

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