Club Resorto Vision 2030- An Indian Unicorn Through Club Resorto Reviews, Complaints and Gift Voucher-Inviting Suggestions

Club Resorto Vision 2030- An Indian Unicorn Through Club Resorto Reviews, Complaints and Gift Voucher-Inviting Suggestions

Club Resorto is celebrating customer success stories from across the country. Club Resorto reaches the top 5 companies that boast of serving customers in most of the states of India in the package subscription segment. Club Resorto aims to become an Indian Unicorn by 2030 and is inviting suggestions and feedback from all stakeholders.

Elaborating on the Club Resorto Vision 2030, Mr. Ravi Singh, Managing Director, Club Resorto Vacations Pvt Ltd, says, ” The road to becoming an Indian Unicorn by 2030 requires participation from all stakeholders, especially the customers and the innovative technology partners. We are meeting and talking to customers across the country and are thrilled to receive happy holiday stories along with valuable insights and suggestions. We are implementing some of ‘The Firsts’  in customer service and they will be rolled out soon.”

The Club Resorto Customer Meet Programme (CRCMP) is on the go across the country and the primary goal of these meetings is to evaluate Club Resorto Reviews and Club Resorto Complaints by meeting the customers one on one. Club Resorto is implementing new processes based on this feedback with the help of technology. 

Mr. Abhishek Gautam, CEO, Club Resorto Vacations Pvt Ltd, says, we have two dedicated feedback departments known as ‘Club Resorto Reviews – Delight’ and ‘Club Resorto Complaints- Relish’ and they are talking to customers to find out how we can better all our touchpoints that delight our customers further. Club Resorto is lucky to have such discerning travelers as customers and we are grateful that customers are taking time from their busy schedules and actively participating in the CRCMP.”

The employees play the most important role in planning a memorable vacation for the customers. Club Resorto has added a new 4000 Square feet space at the Corporate office in New Delhi that now serves as the Club Resorto Research and Training Centre (CRRTC).

Club Resorto provides dedicated Experience Officers who coordinate with each customer query with precision. An extra unique feature at Club Resorto is the variations and customizations that Club Resorto offers year after year keeping in mind the preferences of every customer. The Experience Officers plan the holidays as per the preferences of the customers to personalize the complete vacation experience each time. Club Resorto prides itself in delivering impeccable services that’s so evident in Club Resorto Reviews.

Club Resorto Gift Vouchers are also making the headlines. Not redeemed your Club Resorto Gift Voucher yet? Email the code and copy of the voucher as printed on the back of your gift voucher. Club Resorto Gift Vouchers are not valid on peak season weekends and black-out dates.


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