Club Resorto Reviews Kodaikanal as a Holiday Destination

Club Resorto Reviews Kodaikanal as a Holiday Destination

Granite cliffs, Forested valleys, Lakes, waterfalls, and grassy hills surrounded the city.  The city stands tall 2000 meters above sea level. Star-shaped Kodaikanal Lake is the main attraction of the city. The lake is man-made. Kodaikanal, the word means “The gift of the Forest” and Kodaikanal is considered as “Princess of the hill stations”. The place can give you a mesmerizing view from different points. Kodaikanal is one of the best visiting places in Tamil Nadu, South India. Apart from the spectacle views of Kodaikanal, There are many places to visit Like: 

Club Resorto Reviews places in  Kodaikanal

Club Resorto Reviews places in  Kodaikanal 

Bryant Park: In 1908 the park was established by H.D Bryant. It is boasting over 325 species of trees, cactuses, and shrubs. Gorgeous color of blooming flowers beautifies the park.

Coaker’s Work: This beautiful place is ideal for sunrise and sunset, surrounded by hills, rivers, and plateaus. It is the most pleasing place in Kodaikanal.

Guna Caves: The cave is 3000 feet deep, surrounded by dense forests. The place is also known as devils kitchen because there was many suicidal and accidental case in a pit on way to cave. 

Bear Shola Falls: The place is surrounded by small waterfall, 

Vattakanal Cottages:

All the places listed above can give you major satisfaction in terms of a tour.

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